Dry Go is a healthy disposable underwear with its Thermo trap feature – that permit the air to get through to protect you from germs and infections during period days. it prevents leakage from the sanitary pads but it is not an alternative to pads as it i

Dry Go Medium

28 LE

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Product details

As you deserve a super care & healthy life free of bacteria & infection, only for you, we design Dry Go our one-time healthy disposable underwear featured by:

  1. Dry Go has anti-bacteria material that keep it into the texture to prevent Inflammation & repetitive infection.
  2. Our disposable underwear is made from a breathable texture that keeps air passing through to reduce inflammation resulted from over heat and prevent the skin color looking darker or brownish.
  3. Dry Go owns a light cotton surface feel that keeps your skin fresher & softer.
  4. Go enjoys elastic & stretchy material gives you more comfortability & easy move.

Dry Go,  A pack of 5 + 1 pieces worth EGP 28 is nonabsorbable underwear and does not replace the sanitary pads. Using our disposable underwear with the pad will absolutely save you from the blood leakage to reach your clothes rather than the normal cotton underwear with the pad.