Dry post is the world first leading pads for the postpartum period & Bleeding, and it is the only pads has the ability to protect you in the first days after giving birth due to the high absorption.

Dry Post

30 LE

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Product details

The No. 1 leading sanitary pad for after birth and bleeding cases, distinguished by

1- 6 compressed layers to absorb more than 120ml.

2- A cotton surface that gives you super softness and protection from infections caused by other pads surfaces.

3- Double side barriers to prevent leakage.

Dry Post is the only one that has the ability to cope with the first days after childbirth due to its ability to absorb large quantities of more than 120 ml in addition to its distinction in absorbing blood clots.

Dry Post is longer than regular pads, with no exceeding the normal limit in the length of the pad, which may cause discomfort in movement
Dry Post is inspired by thousands of mothers and made for you.
Recommended by gynecologists, obstetricians and gynecologists in hospitals.
Also advised to change a pad after childbirth every 4 hours, an average of 30-40 pads during the postpartum period.