Dry post is the leading pads for the postpartum period & Bleeding, and it is the only pads has the ability to protect you in the first days after giving birth due to the high absorption.

Dry Post

30 LE

5/5 | 11 reviews

Product details

The leading sanitary pad especially for birth moms during maternity & postpartum bleeding.

Dry post is the only pad that made to protect you within days after giving birth. It is longer than the normal ones with worry-free movement along the day.

  1. Dry post consists of 6 compressed layers with a high ability to absorb about 120 M of the bleeding & the clotting as well.
  2. The postpartum pad has a soft light cotton feel on your skin, protecting you from potential inflammation that may caused by the other normal pads.
  3. Dry post owns side edges to avoid bleeding leakage to your clothes that arouse your usual worry, anxiety & discomfort.

Dry Post is inspired by thousands of mother feedback & reviews that exceed your expectations.Dry Post pad is always recommended by Obstetricians and Gynecologists who work in hospitals & clinics. They prompt you to change the after birth pad every 4 hours by 30- 40 pads along the postpartum time.