Dry Go is a healthy disposable underwear with its Thermo trap feature – that permit the air to get through to protect you from germs and infections during period days. it prevents leakage from the sanitary pads but it is not an alternative to pads as it i

Dry Go X Large

40 LE

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Product details

The first disposable hygienic underwear designed to meet your aspirations for better intimate personal care

Dry Go is distinguished from regular underwear

  1. Made of anti-bacterial materials that have the ability to trap bacteria and fungi within the fabric layers to prevent the recurrence of infection.
  2. A unique feature in Dry Go that allows air flow circulation 4 times better than regular clothes, thus reducing the incidence of infections that occur as a result of overheating in intimate area.
  3. Super soft and cotton-feeling materials give you comfort.

Dry Go is suitable for using in

  • The period of fungal or bacterial infections in the intimate area.
  • After childbirth with sanitary pads intended for postpartum.

Dry Go is not a substitute for sanitary pads as it is not intended for absorption

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