Dry Fresh Feminine Intimate Set

Dry Fresh Feminine Intimate Set is the complete protection for personal Care in the intimate area.

Dry Fresh Feminine Intimate Set

   - Dry Fresh Intimate Feminine Wash Gel, 200 ML 

   - Dry Fresh single intimate wipes ( 20 wipes )

Features of Dry Fresh :

1-Natural extract of chamomile flower, with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which eliminates the unpleasant odors and gives you a feeling of freshness.

2-Afford pH balanced which suitable for intimate area to assure the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria and award ultimate cleanliness for intimate area.

3-Free from Soap, Alcohol & Parabens for safe skin.

What are the types of Dry Fresh?

1- Fresh flowers: protects the intimate area from any infection that causes unpleasant odors and keeps it clean and healthy.

2- Fresh Musk: works to purify the intimate area and protect it from unpleasant odors.

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