01 Jun
Best drinks for pregnant women

Top 5 Drinks

  • Water

Yes, water, then water, then water. Your water intake should not be less than 6 glasses per day, preferably 8 glasses as much as possible. Don't drink water while eating, as it may cause indigestion or make you want to vomit during the first months. Take it at least half an hour before or after food. Your body needs a lot of fluids in order to keep you hydrated, and it is a component of breast milk during the last months, and it is important even for the health of the fetus.?

You can take flavored water, and you can also prepare it at home. Cut some fruits and put them in a liter of water and leave them in the refrigerator and drink. You can put the fruits in the freezer and then put them in the water as if they were pieces of colored ice and after melting and taking the water you can eat them. Add your favorite oranges, kiwis, tangerines, apples, peaches, or whatever you like. You can also add some raisins or dried fruit if you like.

  • Dairy and drinks in which milk is used

Among the most important drinks for the pregnant woman are milk, yoghurt and yogurt, and any milk-based drinks such as milkshakes with chocolate or fruits, or yoghurt or yoghurt with fruits, or smoothies, provided that it is not full-fat, as low-fat is suitable or perhaps fat-free as well. Try not to drink highly sweetened drinks.

Thus, such drinks are a meal rich in beneficial elements between meals and an important source of calcium, minerals and vitamins.

  • Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Fresh juices are also one of the best drinks, whatever the fruit used, and it is preferable to prepare them at home to maintain your health, the cleanliness of the fruit and the appropriate sugar level. If you also like vegetable juices, that's a good thing. Make different juices every day from seasonal fruits and vegetables.

You can also make great cocktails like pineapple with orange, apple with pineapple, kiwi with lemon and more..

  • Heating drinks in winter

Ginger with milk, cocoa with milk, sahlab, and herbal drinks such as anise and caraway are very useful and warming beverages. It is best to sweeten it with honey without sugar and without being highly sweetened.

  • Natural fruit water

Among the beneficial drinks are the natural water flowing from inside the fruit, such as the water inside the melon, the water inside the cream, and the water inside the coconut. All of these drinks are excellent because they are full of vitamins and are an excellent healthy option. And the same is yogurt water, so don't throw water as I often see they do before cutting fruit or eating yogurt