31 May
Tips to overcome anxiety and stress before childbirth

Tips to overcome anxiety and stress before childbirth:

  1. Talk about it with those around you… with your husband, girlfriends, mother and mother-in-law. Ask for help, explain how you feel and ask for the support you would like. Do not hide or deny it. And don't look for what increases your fears.
  2. Talk to your doctor, explain your concerns, and ask her for scientific advice.
  3. Occupy your free time in many good and useful things. And read good, scientific articles on pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Do not leave yourself to terrifying stories and terrifying fantasies.
  4. Subscribe to one of the psychological support groups for pregnant a woman, which has begun to find its way in our societies. Talking to people like you, will bring you comfort.
  5. Do sports, walking or yoga, as it helps to release your stress.
  6. Ask yourself if this fear is really a postpartum fear about work and what it is like, about your ability to take care of the baby, about your relationship with your husband. According to the seriousness of the matter, he has a solution. If it is about your relationship with your husband, talk to him about the matter and agree on what pleases you both. And if it is the work, think to solve it and so on.
  7. Ask yourself if you are afraid of complications during childbirth. If so, perform all the necessary medical examinations to reassure you, and ask your doctor about your health and the type of birth you will have.
  8. If the situation worsens, do not be ashamed to consult a psychiatrist, based on your doctor's advice.

We wish you a healthy pregnancy, a good delivery and a beautiful baby, God willing

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